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RHCP 5.8G 5dBi Super Mini Antenna

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Model: RHCP Super Mini 5.8GHz Antenna
Frequency range: 5.5-6.0 GHz
Bandwidth: 500MHZ
Gain: 5dBi
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio <= 1.5
Axial Ratio: 0.74
Dimension: 21*28mm in diameter
Consumption current: <10MA
Polarization intensity: R.H.C.P.
Power supply voltage: DC3.0-5.0v
Noise figure: <1.5db
Axial ratio : 3dBi
Maximum input power: 5W
Output: <1.8
Working temperature: - 40 ~+85 ~C
Storage temperature: - 40 ~+85 C

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