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GRL FPV PRO 2 TITANIUM LowRider Freestyle Frame 6''

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Gravity Loss FPV (GRL) - Its an ultra durable FPV frame made from premium aviation carbon fiber from Germany. Frame parts such as arms are produced with a unique carbon molding technology that provides outstanding strength and vibration absorption. We are constantly testing and improving our frames in production, so in the basic design you have many different grooves and places for fastening electronic components, various motors, control systems and more.

GRL FPV PRO 2 TITANIUM LowRider Freestyle Frame 5'' incorporates all the best from the previous generation and underwent improvements, resulting in: lightweight aluminum elements in the color of the frame, stronger carbon on the arms and body, which in total gave better strength in a lighter version. Frame has hotswap technology for quick arm change.


- High strength

- High vibration resistance

- Certified aviation carbon and aluminum

- Suitable for 20x20 and 30x30 systems

- Suitable for motors 16 - 19 mm

- Ability to purchase mounting systems for popular control systems: Dji Air Unit, Caddx Vista, any Analog System

(or download a 3d model from our website and print on a 3D printer)


GRL FPV PRO2 Freestyle Frame pack includes:

- Set of carbon plates 5 pcs;

- Core Titanium plate 1 pcs;

- Set of molded arms 4 pcs;

- Set of standoffs 8 pcs;

- Set of screws;

- Front bumper;

- Battery pad;



- Carbon - Aviation grade carbon fiber (Germany)

- Aluminum - Aviation grade aluminum alloy 7075

- Country of origin - Ukraine

- Lifetime warranty on GRL Molded Arms

- Weight 163 grams


Frame dimensions:

- Diagonally (at the centers of the motors) - 260 mm

- In width (at the centers of the motors) - 204 mm

- In length (at the centers of the motors) - 160 mm

- GRL Molded Arm thickness - 6 mm

- The thickness of the plates - 2 mm

The GRL FPV Freestyle Frame Pro 2 is an ultra-strong frame for FPV fans who love to fly to their limits and don't want to be limited by the frame's capabilities.

Break the boundaries with GravityLoss FPV!

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