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FrSky XM+ Receiver (EU-LBT)

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- Dimension: 21.5*12*3.5mm(L x W x H)

- Weight: 1.6g

- Number of Channels: Up to 16CH from SBUS (1-15ch for PWM,16ch RSSI for FC)

- Operating Voltage Range: 3.7~10V

- Operating Current: 30mA @5V

- Operating Range: 1km

- With RSSI output on board: Analog 0~3.3V

- Firmware Upgradeable

- Compatibility: FrSky D16 mode


Pack Includes:


- 1 x XM+ Receiver

- 1 x pin header pack

- 1 x manual

This is the ultra-light XM+ receiver from FrSky – all you get from the XM receiver, plus approximately another 400m of range! This is a full range receiver and so is in the same class as the X8R, X4R etc. receivers but at only 1g – what’s not to like?

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