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FETtec Spike-Absorber
FETtec Spike Absorber well-selected TVS diodes to absorb dangerous voltage spikes to protect co...
Capacitor 470µF 50V
Product information "Capacitor" Capacitor   Feature: 470µF 50V   Recommendation: for use wi...
Out of stock
Product information "FETtec KISS FC" FETtec KISS FC   Features:   - Prozessor F7 [DShot 240...
Matek Micro BEC 6-30V 5V/9V Adjustable
Overview:   The Matek Micro BEC 6-30V is a syncronous step-down converter with selectable 5V or 9V...
FETtec OSD Board
Out of stock
Features: Graphic OSD (STM32) Full KISS Tuning  Filter (PIDs, Rates, Settings) LED control (...
TBS M8 GPS Glonass
SPECIFICATION:   - Chipset: ublox UBX-M8030 - Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz - Baud Rate: 4800,9600,1...
FETtec Tiny LED
FETtec Tiny LED   Features: WS2812, digital addressable LED's about 180° degrees scattering...
SucceX-D 20A Whoop F4 AIO Board (MPU6000)
Top Features:   DJI Plug-and-Play - No need to solder tiny wires! BEC output: 5V 2A/10V 2A F...
VIFLY Finder 2
Out of stock
Specifications: - Size(L x W x H): 24mmx13mmx16mm - Weight: 5gr - Volume: Up to 105 dB - Worki...
KISS FC V2 - 32bit Flight Controller
Out of stock
A new simplified Flight controller, the KISS FC V2 includes a complete own Flight Control Firmware d...
BrainFPV Radix Flight Controller
Technical Specifications   - Processor: STM32F446RET6, Coretx-M4, 32bit, 180MHz, 128kB RAM...
BrainFPV Radix LI Flight Controller
Technical Specifications     - Processor: STM32F446RET6, Coretx-M4, 32bit, 180MHz, 128k...
TinysLEDs RGB RaceLiteWire LEDs Full Size (4pcs)
5050 RGB LEDS INTEGRATED INTO RACEWIRE:   Racelites brightness changes with throttle input. Thes...
HOBBYWING XRotor Micro Flight Controller F4 G3
FEATURES   - Redesign every aspect - STM32 F405 MCU allows the FC to run the PID looptime and gyr...
T-Motor F7 HD Flight Controller
Specifications:   - MCU: STMF722RET6 - Gyro: MPU6000 - Memory: 16M - Input Voltage: 12v-25-2v (...

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