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ETHIX Prop Tool
Introducing the perfect field tool that you will carry with you everywhere.Combining the three most...
ETHIX Neck Strap
  Designed to be the best all round neck strap on the market, period. Not too long, not too short...
ETHIX Flat Rats 1507 2800KV
Introducing our first motor into the cinewhoop line up. The ETHiX Flat Rat was designed around a 150...
Ethix Tool Case
When storing your tools is not just about utility but also about style, you've found a perfect match...
Ethix Goggle Strap V3 Black Logo
Out of stock
  Coming on hot with a merger of our v1 and v2 straps trying to ever refine something as simple a...
Ethix CineRat (Carbon and Hardware Parts)
Introducing our next product in the flat rat line up is our 3” cine frame. When we looked into what...
Mr Steele ETHIX Earbud
Last piece
  Finally a purpose built FPV earbud that we have engineered from the ground up to favor sound qu...

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